About Pennocks

Nakina, known as "The end of the road", was just that for many people.  So, when you arrived in Nakina, you immediately needed or required some sort of service.  The business was built on that premise.  It started out as a Bait and Tackle business with some boat rentals and some cottages to stay in.  In 1972 we expanded our operation with the purchase of the Shores Motel.  The business soon, grew quickly to a full service convenience store, tackle shop, service station and had a camp ground as well.

During the next 35 years, they provided a "full service" experience to thier customers, both old and new and continued with the operation today showing that Nakina, Ontario is one the provinces best kept secret.

As opposed to "Are we there yet?", we believe, "You have arrived", so please relax browse the site and contact us if you require any work.

Our business is operated all year round, experiencing 4 seasons and we fish 12 months of the year, 7 of which we call "Hard water fishing."  During the "Hard water fishing" months, the snow mobiling is amazing.

We will always answer the phone and the coffee is allways on!