Bear Hunt Season


The following information is for the bear hunt season.  All prices are in Canadian currency. + HST.
1 Person - 1 Week - $650.00
Licence - Non-Resident: $213.36
Export Permit: $35.00

Our facility offers a 750 square kilometre area for our bear baiting and hunting business.  At the present time we have 40 tree stands already built.  These stands are 8-12 feet off the ground with a platform that is approximately 4' x 4'.
We begin baiting in the spring and continue regularly until the fall hunt opens on August 15th.  When a part arrives we take them out and show a few stands so they are able to choose those they wish to hunt from.  At that time, all bear baits are supplied to the hunters.

All stands are accessible by a two wheel drive vehicle (pick-up) and a short walk through the bush.  All hunters are guaranteed an active bear stand.  Many stands are active by more than one bear.

The largest bear that has been harvested from our area was just over 500 lbs.  On the average, most bears caught are between 250 - 400 lbs.  We recommend that the hunters do not shoot the first bear they see.  Our overall success rate is 75%